Sending A Thank You

Blank thank you note

There are many occasions that sending a thank you card is appropriate.  In this post we will talk about the different reasons to send a thank you card and how our service can help you say the right thing at the right time.  One of our biggest sectors is small business.  If you own a home services company we can help you provide thank you notes to your clients and start the process of follow up for future business with your clients.  This has proven an effective means for businesses to keep contact with their clients and begin the process of providing future services for each of your clients.


After Getting A Job and Performing Services

After you perform services it is a good practice to send a thank you note a week or two after the services have been rendered.  This is a good beginning to what should be a continued interaction with your clients so that when they have another problem, they should be ready to call your business in the event they have another issue that you can solve.  Remember, you solved it once, you can solve it again.  We offer 2 services for our business clients.  The more expensive option we offer involves unique hand written notes by one of our in house writers.  The less expensive option we offer is a printed note.  We have you (or one of our staff members) write down each letter in your own writing, then we will use the handwritten samples provided to create a faux hand written note at a fraction of the cost and time.

After Not Getting The Work

Even if you don’t get the work it can also be beneficial to send a thank you to make note that you would like to be included when this particular client is looking for bids in the future for the services you render.  This is particularly useful for dealing with other businesses like property management companies or home builders.  If you service air conditioners, it can be particularly useful to stay in front of the person that receives and evaluates bids.  Constant contact will help keep your bid requests coming and give them more strength in the eyes of the purchasers.

Setting Up A Payment Plan

Depending on the history of your company and your personal credit history we can offer financing terms to you and your company.  If you have a FICO score on the lower end, below 600, we can usually offer net 30 terms for all our services.  If your score is above 600, we will extend the payment out to a net 60 and raise the total limit available to you.  If you are in a position where you have negative items on your credit reports and want to raise your FICO score above the threshold above there are credit repair services available that we can recommend you reach out to and repair your credit.